E.coli: Porvoo, Askola residents advised to continue to boil tap water on Wednesday

Authorities in the southern coastal city of Porvoo are continuing to advise local residents to boil municipal tap water for a minimum of five minutes due to the discovery of E.coli bacteria contamination in a water tower on Tuesday. The city began dispensing clean water from five water trucks across town on Tuesday

originally posted on January 04, 2017


Porvoo officials extended their warning on Wednesday afternoon. The water advisory continues to cover almost the entire city, which affects some 35,000 households. Porvoo is located some 50 km east of Helsinki.

On Tuesday Porvoo city officials strongly advised nearly all of its residents – and those living in nearby Askola – to boil tap water for consumption for at least five minutes before use, due to the contamination.

In Askola, the precaution is recommended in the following districts: Tiilää, Huuvari, Särkijärvi and Monninkylä.

After the news broke about the E.coli bacterial contamination, Porvoo residents quickly cleared store shelves of bottled water. Pharmacies were also busy, when residents bought up hand sanitizer after officials recommended use of the anti-bacterial after washing hands.

The advisory does not affect residents in the following areas of Porvoo: Norike, Epoo, Tirmo, Gäddrag, Pellinki, Seitlax, Fagersta, Vålax and Grännas.

E. coli is a bacterium, and when ingested by humans – even in trace amounts – it can cause severe abdominal cramps, diarrhoea, and fever. It can also cause gastroenteritis, urinary tract infections, neonatal meningitis and sometimes infection can be fatal.



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