Eco Foot Print programme launched at Saligao

Eco Foot Print programme launched at Saligao.
“Environment is a free asset we all need to protect” said Jayesh Salgaokar, minister for RDA & Housing, whilst launching the Eco Footprint project at the Goa State Remote Sensing Centre at Saligao on the occasion of World Environment Day.
He spoke of the various challenges faced by the country and Goa, related to land degradation, impacts of climate change and green house gases, water pollution and scarcity, poor sanitation conditions, sewage problems, unplanned urbanisation, forest degradation.
Salgaokar also stressed on the implementation of rain and roof water harvesting projects, beginning in Saligao Constituency and impressed upon the urgent need to replicate it across Goa, so as to recharge the ground water and mitigate water scarcity.
Joseph Rauto De Souza, the chief scientist of the Centre, while welcoming the gathering stated that over-population is a major stress and strain on natural resources.
Planting a tree is our pledge towards nurturing nature.
“Today’s digital world can largely assist in connecting people with nature, not only in Goa but across the globe through social media.
Further there is a need to augment technical skills and technical know-how to enforce various environmental legislations and laws in protecting the environment,” he said.
Fr Bolmax Pereira, research scholar, in his speech implied that India has often been described as a rich land with poor people.
“Environment degradation has adversely affected the poor who largely depend upon the resources of their immediate surroundings for their sustainability,” he said, further stressing upon need to rationalise the use of groundwater and control of water draining into the sea.

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