Emerging crisis: In Toba Tek Singh, clean water a scarcity

Emerging crisis: In Toba Tek Singh, clean water a scarcity.
FAISALABAD: In Toba Tek Singh, the city of famous Sikh saint Teko Singh and a dry region within Punjab, fresh water is scarce and contaminated by industrial pollution.
During the past 24 years, however, the canals has dried up and excessive power load-shedding has aggravated the situation.
Even those, who are availing tap water facility, are getting contaminated water.” “The population of Toba Tek Singh comprises more than 2.7 million people.
The major source of drinking water in the district is underground water which is also used for irrigation purposes,” he added, “The water is unfit for human consumption because of being brackish and contaminated.”.
“It is playing havoc with the health and lives of people and also ruining the entire agriculture and wildlife sector of our district.” Rafique pointed out: “I have been raising the matter in the assembly since 2008 but I could not succeed in resolving the chronic issue of drinking water and provision of canal water to the farmers.” Former MNA and district Nazim of Toba Tek Singh Chaudhry Ashfaque told The Express Tribune, “In extremely hot and harsh weather conditions, the people of the district are running from pillar to post to acquire potable drinking water.” He added, “Those, who can afford, buy water from the markets.
He added majority of the population has been infected with waterborne diseases.
He said, “We are unable to drink water and use it for other purposes.” He maintained, “The people have no other option but to stand in a queue at water plants to fill cans that has affected our routine work.” A senior citizen Muhammad Ameen said over 75% people of Toba Tek Singh are forced to drink contaminated water.
He admitted that under the present setup, the municipal committees cannot meet the water demand of the district due to lack of resources.
Health risk Senior medical officer Dr Muhammad Anwar said waterborne diseases are increasing at an alarming rate in Toba Tek Singh.

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