Fall River citizens can now use normal drinking water after boil advisory lifted

originally posted on January 05, 2017


Two weeks after a large boil water advisory was issued for portions of Greenwood County and three neighboring counties, the advisory affecting southeast Greenwood County has finally been lifted.
Greenwood County Emergency Management announced Thursday that Fall River was cleared from a boil water advisory in effect since Dec. 22. Town leaders had told KVOE News last week they planned to drain the water tower and flush all water lines Wednesday but had to wait on that step before unspecified issues at the Fredonia water plant were fixed.
Turbidity, or cloudiness and haziness in drinking water, was the state reason according to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.
The advisory also affected two nearby townships in southeast Greenwood County and parts of Montgomery, Neosho and Wilson counties. Most affected areas have all been cleared from the advisory.
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