Farmers Convention demands early construction of water reservoirs

Farmers Convention demands early construction of water reservoirs.
Observer Report Islamabad A farmers’ convention on Wednesday warned of deepening water shortage crisis and called for expedited construction of water reservoirs and hydro-electric projects for addressing water and energy shortage in the country.
The convention said construction of water reservoir projects having a total capacity of 12 MAF, whose PC-I had been approved by Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC), should be immediately started.
The farmers criticized the government for its incompetence and indifference to the water shortage issue, which was seriously impacting agricultural output in the country.
They said rulers and the politicians were responsible for the delay in construction of water reservoirs and dams in the country.
They criticized Indus River System Authority Chairman for saying that equitable distribution of water among the provinces could not be guaranteed.
On India’s water aggression against Pakistan, the farmers asked the government to seek international arbitration over violations of Indus Water Treaty by India.
They asked the government not to entertain US, World Bank and IMF pressures on this issue and go all out for getting the country’s due right.
Participants of the convention emphasized on Army Chief Gen Qamar Bajwa to realize the seriousness of water shortage and play his role with regards to the implementation of Indus Water Treaty.
The participants of the convention decided to hold farmer rallies on the occasion of 59th anniversary of Indus Water Treaty on October 19 and present memoranda to US embassy and UN mission on Indian violations of Indus Water Treaty.

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