Flint Hills Resources issues boil water advisory

Matt Woolbright, originally posted on January 9, 2017


Flint Hills Resources has issued a boil water advisory for its employees after a low-pressure issue was discovered overnight, Corpus Christi spokeswoman Kim Womack said.

The company’s water system is separate from the rest of the city’s water supply, and the advisory does not affect other Corpus Christi businesses or residents, she added.

The city, which is less than a month removed from a citywide water ban, confirmed the public drinking water is safe via Twitter on Monday.

Before details about the advisory were fully known, some residents had already begun flocking to area stores to buy bottled water.

A Flint Hills Resources spokesman told the Caller-Times the issue was caused by “a temporary decrease of water pressure on an incoming city water line.”

While the fact that the issue stems from the industrial district is similar to December’s water ban, the cause and potential impacts on the city are not comparable.

“This notice has no off-site impacts,” according to the company’s statement.

Flint Hills spokesman Andy Saenz said the company expects to lift the ban later Monday.

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