Flower firm job cuts gets State approval

The Labour ministry has approved job cuts at a flower firm which has been forced to close shop over water scarcity.
“The Ministry of Labour having duly inspected the disabling situation unanimously confirmed that Primarosa had genuine reasons to arrive at the decision,” noted Primarosa legal officer Sadia Carren-Ayah in a note to workers.
“A one month notice was given to employees to either consider moving with the company to Nyahururu or voluntarily resign with compensation.” Some workers protested and termed the layoffs unconstitutional.
The firm said staff members were given notice, more than a month’s pay and severance pay of 21 days for each year worked.
Economy & PoliticsMillions netted in Swazuri team raid Primarosa officials said the recent drought had forced the firm to buy borehole water to sustain production.
“Lack of water led to depleted production and poor quality flowers leading to rejection by both the local and international markets,” said Primarosa.
He said the farm plans to increase the export of roses.
Low rainfall in October and November and delayed long rains left about 2.7 million people in need of food aid.
The drought also forced Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company (NCWSC) to intensify water rationing, with levels at the main Ndakaini Dam falling to an all time low.
Primarosa’s 1,500 workers produce over 60 million roses annually for export at its two farms in Ol Joro Orok, Nyandarua, and Athi river.

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