Freezing temps causing water main breaks

ATLANTA – Extremely frigid temperatures are causing water main to burst across north Georgia.
Atlanta Watershed they are working several incidents involving broken mains.
About 35 homes, including three fire hydrants, along River Road in between Peachtree Battle and West Wesley Road, were without water for after a break there.
"I got up this morning and saw water running into the creek so, it’s all muddy, so I walked up here and saw it coming out in the middle of the street and called the water department," said Michael Schroder.
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Schroder said he got worried when he saw the muddy water flowing from the new break in the pavement.
He and other neighbors said they don’t want a sinkhole forming on this turn.
"Well great.
For this break, Atlanta Watershed officials said a 6-inch main broke open causing the flood.
Much earlier in the day, the Atlanta Streetcar was forced to stop its service due to a water main break near the of Carnegie and Spring Streets.

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