Gaondongrem, Cotigao villagers look for water supply from Gaunem dam

Gaondongrem, Cotigao villagers look for water supply from Gaunem dam.
CANACONA: The Gaunem minor earthen dam project, which was initiated in 2011, taking into view the dire water needs of the people of Gaondongrem and Cotigao villages, has been completed, informed sources.
And, now it will be the Public Works Department which has to start work on building the necessary infrastructure like water treatment plant and network for the distribution of water to the villages.
Once the approval is granted, the necessary work will start, said D’Souza.
During the summer, the people from these areas travel long distances to fetch drinking water with pots on their heads.
Some dig holes near the rivulets and extract water using coconut shells.
The source said that the dam has a height of 27.75 metres and the rain water will be only source for the reservoir.
Since Canacona receives on average of around 110-120 inches of rainfall a year, it will suffice the storage, the source said.
The dam would help recharge ground water table, which will recharge nearby wells.
It may be recalled that the work on this project started in 2011 which continued up to 2012, but midway in 2013 the work was suspended following re-designing of the project by raising the dam height by 2 metres.

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