Gold Coast Buildings Ordered To Boil Water After Construction Mishap

by David Matthews, originally posted on June 28, 2016


GOLD COAST — City officials are telling residents in some Gold Coast buildings to boil their water after construction crews accidentally severed a water main in the neighborhood.

The affected buildings run along Division Street between Lake Shore Drive and State Street, the city’s Department of Water Management said Monday. Other affected buildings include 1167 and 1201 N. State St., 1201 N. Astor St., and 1200 N. Lake Shore Drive.

The advisory extends to drinking water, making ice cubes, washing dishes, brushing teeth and any other activity involving water consumption, the city said.

The city sent out the advisory after Chicago-based Benchmark Construction severed a water main in the neighborhood, potentially exposing the area’s water supply to contaminants, said Gary Litherland, a spokesman for the city’s Department of Water Management.

The water main was repaired by Tuesday, but city officials are testing the water to ensure safety, Litherland said. Tests usually last 24 hours, he said.

“Ninety-nine point nine percent of the cases, no contaminants got into the water main, but we can’t assume that,” Litherland said.

The advisory follows another that was distributed and rejected in Lakeview as crews worked on building a new Mariano’s store there.

Officials with Benchmark Construction could not be reached for comment.

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