Ground water levels declining fast in Maharashtra

Ground water levels declining fast in Maharashtra.
The Central Ground Water Board (CGWB), under the Ministry of Water Resources, River Development monitors water levels of designated water bodies including wells in various states, in an attempt to ensure sustainable development and management of ground water resources in the country.
Data from wells has shown that 70 per cent of the wells being monitored showed a decline in water levels in Maharashtra.
This study indicated a decline in ground water levels in 70 per cent of the wells monitored.
Ground water is primarily used for irrigation, drinking and industrial purposes.
The inadequate recharging of ground water, inappropriate cropping pattern and wasteful use of water accentuated the problem.
Maharashtra presently has 16,000 km of rivers and canals.
It also has water bodies spread over 3.83 lakh hectares.
There has been severe over exploitation of water bodies in the state.
The fourth Minor Irrigation Census conducted in 2006-07 said that there were over 21.5 lakh wells and borewells across Maharashtra.

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