Harikhali people’s woes worsen as nothing draws attention

Khulna, Jan 3 (UNB) – The tin-shed houses are easily flooded in the rainy season.
At times, even the kitchens are inundated, rendering the residents unable to cook meals.
Apart from waterlogging and crumbling homes, unemployment is also forcing residents to leave the project homestead.
The government initiated the project in 2002 to provide housing for the poor and homeless.
There are 24 homes for 240 impoverished families.
Many families, who had originally moved here, had left the place, leaving some of the homes empty.
Constantly fighting nature and poverty are parts of lives of those who are still here.
There is no market nearby or employment opportunities.
He said they were “trying to repair” the houses and dredge the nearby river and canal to solve the water scarcity.
“Initiatives have been taken to rehabilitate the destitute, homeless and the poor in the empty units,” the UNO said.

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