HotSpots H2O, November 21: Saudi-Led Import Blockade Leaves 1 Million Yemenis Without Clean Water

The Global Rundown Nearly 1 million people in Yemen are without clean water as a blockade by a Saudi-led coalition halts the fuel imports needed for pumping.
Libya fails to supply basic amenities or sanitation services to thousands of detained migrants.
Other cities, including the capital Sanaa, are expected to be in a similar situation soon.
Reuters Latest WaterNews from Circle of Blue U.S. Government Releases First Global Water Strategy.
– Report identifies water priorities in foreign policy.
Risks Grow for Deadliest U.S.
Drinking Water Hazard.
Humanitarian agencies are ramping up water aid to northeastern Nigeria as cholera cases spread among the 2 million people displaced by Boko Haram.
Relief Web Science, Studies, And Reports Chronic water shortages played a role in ISIS recruitment throughout Iraq, according to a recently-published National Geographic report based on over 100 interviews with farmers and agricultural officials.
National Geographic On The Radar The U.S. Supreme Court scheduled oral arguments for January 8 in a long-time dispute between Texas and New Mexico over management of the Rio Grande.

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