Hurt’s Mayor: Boil advisory at least until Saturday

by Catherine Doss, originally posted on September 8, 2016


HURT, Va. (WSET) – Some scheduled work on water lines in Hurt led to the Health Department to issue a boil advisory. Mayor Gary Poindexter told ABC 13 a few areas now have water and the water pumps are running and the system is being flushed.

Poindexter also believes the boil water advisory will need to continue at least until Saturday. The mayor is also telling residents updates on the situation will come every few hours on the Hurt’s Facebook page and website.

He explained the water system in town is over 30 years old. They had to special order parts for some pressure regulating devices that need repair.

Poindexter said it was a challenge to coordinate getting the parts and contractors for the project.

Poindexter said it was a challenge to coordinate getting the parts and hiring contractors for the project.

Officials estimated water service would be restored by 9 a.m. Mayor Poindexter said he is waiting to hear a new estimate from Public Works, but they think water will be on by early afternoon.

Poindexter says the Health Department issued the boil advisory because the main had to be shut down, which can let bacteria into the system. The advisory is on-going and the Health Department will issue a statement when they feel the water is safe.

Officials at Faith Christian Academy announced the school would be closed Thursday so crews could work on the water lines.

This story will be updated.

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