Implement water harvesting, storage plan

Long spells of drought are followed by rains.
However, even when the volumes of the rains are huge, no sustainable measures are put in place to harvest and conserve the water from such rains.
A few years ago a Masters student at the University of Nairobi was presenting a proposal on mechanisms to harvest and store road run-off water.
The reality, though, is that harvesting and storing run-off water and rain water through roof-harvesting will go a long way in addressing the country’s water needs.
Kenya can learn lessons from such countries and implement those it finds useful.
Harvesting rain water will also help many local communities to move away from rain-fed agriculture.
With the erratic rainfall patterns in the country, reliance on rainy seasons so as to plant crops will negatively affect crop yields and compromise the country’s food security.
Beyond the launch, it will be necessary to see what amount of resources is allocated to rain water harvesting.
We also have to address issues relating to water quality and supply.
The initiatives on harvesting water has to move to how the water once harvested is stored and eventually distributed so as ensure that all citizens are guaranteed access to water.

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