Innolux to invest in water-conservation tech

Innolux to invest in water-conservation tech.
According to Chief Sustainability Officer Chen Chih-ming (陳志明), Innolux is aiming to meet its target of sustainable management of water resources by pairing the Water Resources Agency’s data on water with the current oversight of water-related operations at the company.
Earlier in March, President Tsai Ing-wen declared sustainable water management as the government’s "most important policy responsibility," after water shortages due to climate change had become a yearly obstacle for both the agricultural and the industrial sectors.
Local media reports found that Innolux has long been committed to the sustainable use of water, stressing "water recycling, water regeneration, and water neutralization" as the three key pillars of its water sustainability development blueprint.
The management system is reportedly capable of tracking the performance of plant equipment, factory events, and water supply to allow Innolux a better understanding of future water resources.
Water Conservation Efforts In 2008, Innolux introduced the MBR-RO systems for water reuse into its manufacturing plants, thereby adopting the world’s most advanced water recycling technology.
With this technology, 14 of its Taiwan-based plants actively promoted an effective water recycling policy that on average reused 95 percent of their water supply.
This rate of recycling far exceeds international standards, according to local media reports.
In 2016, the company recycled 589,000 tons of rain water, akin to 235 standard-size pools.
Sustainability as a Goal The Innolux Education Foundation announced on Tuesday that it would take on Taiwan’s poor air quality as well as reforestation as key issues for the foundation to address.

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