Israel wants to help cure Barbados’ water woes

Israel wants to help cure Barbados’ water woes.
Israel may have the technological solution to Barbados’ water woes.
The suggestion was made here Thursday by President of the Caribbean Israel Leadership Coalition (CILC) Andre Thomas, who told reporters there was more than enough Israeli technology to help the island resolve its water shortages.
“Barbados has water problems and there is more than enough Israeli technology to change that,” Thomas said during a press briefing called to announce plans for a major technological conference to be hosted by Israel from June 7-9 at the Barbados Hilton resort.
While telling reporters that he was excited about the prospects for business-to-business and business-to-Government partnerships, Thomas said that it was by staying on the cutting edge of technology that Israel, which has a population of seven million, was able to develop into a powerhouse in the Middle East.
It is strong economically because of its technology.
“These are some of the game changing technologies that Barbados and the West Indies can cash into.
So we are very excited about this [upcoming conference], because this is an opportunity for business to business match ups to be created,” Thomas said.
He also estimated that in the Caribbean there were at least ten thousand plots of land, between one acre to five acres in size, that were simply lying idle but could easily be converted, using Israeli technology, into arable agricultural land for the cultivation of vegetables and flowers.
“If the technology to take these pieces of land lying idle can be released and [we can] partner with family communities that would be a game changer when it comes to food security,” the spokesman for the CILC said.

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