Jordan’s Irbid water network to be expanded

Jordan’s Irbid water network to be expanded.
Mar 30,2017 AMMAN — Construction on a project to install and renovate water networks to improve the water supply before the start of the dry season in Irbid is under way, a government official said on Wednesday.
The new network is scheduled to be ready in three months, the official said, noting that the project seeks to improve water supply in communities hosting refugees.
He underscored that the renovation and installation of new water pipelines seek to ultimately link Irbid and the northern governorates to the national water carrier project, which plans to transfer 10 million cubic metres of water to the north annually to address the water shortage as part of the Disi Water Conveyance Project.
The ministry considers the national water carrier project as a mid-term solution to the country’s water crisis, according to the official, who noted that the desalination of Red Sea water under the Red Sea – Dead Sea Water Conveyance Project is the country’s long-term solution to water scarcity.
Under the first phase of the Red-Dead project, due to begin this year, a total of 300 million cubic metres of water will be pumped each year.
A total of 85-100 million cubic metres of water will be desalinated every year, while seawater will be pumped out from an intake located in the north of the Gulf of Aqaba.
In addition, a conveyor will be extended to transfer desalinated water, as well as a pipeline to dump the brine into the Dead Sea in order to stop its constant decline, estimated at one metre every year.
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