Kerala’s water is highly polluted, says study

Thiruvananthapuram: Amid the state government’s efforts to rejuvenate and reclaim water sources, a study has come up with a startling finding that 26.90 per cent of water sources in Kerala are "completely" polluted.
"As many as 26.90 per cent of water sources in Kerala are completely polluted," the study said.
KSLMA director P S Sreekala said the study report was compiled as part of its environmental literacy program to realize LDF government’s goals to create a nature-friendly state.
The study assumes significance against the backdrop of water scarcity being faced by the state which may worsen in the future, she said.
The official also said the core objective of the initiative was to create awareness in society about the significance of protecting and rejuvenating natural and public water sources.
As part of the study, 1302 ponds, 941 canals, 153 river stretches, 16 backwater stretches, 1107 public wells and 87 others in various districts were surveyed.
Solid waste accounts for 53 per cent of pollution of water sources, liquid waste 16.97 per cent, household waste 23.24 per cent and encroachment seven per cent, it said.
Among solid waste, hotel waste accounted for 40 per cent of pollution while plastic and glass 20 per cent and other wastes 30.55 per cent, it said.
Cleaning of vehicles and bathing of animals also caused water pollution, it said, adding, sand mining, absence of protective wall and encroachment are posing threat to water sources.
The CPM-led LDF government had launched comprehensive programs to reclaim the lost water sources and rejuvenate the dying ones.

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