KHS students haul water, get taste of third world

KHS students haul water, get taste of third world.
Looking beyond the comforts of the developed world to the poverty of the third world, Killeen High School students lugged gallon-jugs around the Buckley Stadium track.
Admittedly a far cry from the daily travails of hauling water from remote wells and streams, the lesson still seemed to hit home.
Geography teacher Jennifer Larkin and two of her peers came up with the idea for the engaging simulation four years ago and have made the Water Walk an annual tradition in their classes.
“We’re raising awareness, trying to understand what it is like for children and families who don’t live close to sources of water,” said sophomore Littzy Paredes Brignoni.
In addition to hauling water jugs around the track, the students spent time reading facts about the global water crisis, a reality that leads to a wide range of preventable disease and hardship.
Larkin said she used 76 gallons of water a day on her own.
“We’re learning about water scarcity,” said freshman Madeleine Jones.
“Carrying water imitates children carrying water for their families.
“We’re seeing what’s happening in the world, not just in our own worlds, not just with ourselves.”

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