Lingering boil advisory leaves full recycling bins

Lingering boil advisory leaves full recycling bins.
"If you take medication, obviously, you need water for your medication.
Numerous communities in Lackawanna county are still under a boil advisory until further notice following a water main break in Dunmore.
Bielawski spent much of the weekend without running water at all.
He went to E Grant street by the fire house in Olyphant to get some but the water didn’t look so great.
"You could see as it settled, all this mud, silt at the bottom of the containers.
So, certainly not something I’d be looking to ingest in any manner."
The tanker on E Grant has clean running water now, but Bielawski says he’ll be sticking to bottled water for the remainder of the boil advisory – he’s gone through at least thirty-five since the initial disruption.
At least today, he has water for his shower and toilets.
"That would’ve kept up with, even if we had a big fire here in town, we could’ve hooked up one of our four-inch lines and had more than enough water to supply to any of the fire apparatus necessary to fight the fire in Olyphant," says Gerry Tully of Excelsior Hose Co.

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