Local restaurants adapt to changes due to boil water advisory

By Brittni Smallwood, originally posted on July 21, 2016


WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. (WIVB) – A boil water advisory is in place in Amherst, Williamsville, Clarence, Lancaster, Newstead and Depew. As a result, restaurant and homeowners in the affected areas have to make sure they follow the boil water advisory.

It’s something Bob Sweeney, the chef and owner of Break’n Eggs Creperie takes very seriously.

Sweeney said he started noticing something wasn’t right with the water at home Wednesday night.

When he opened the restaurant Thursday morning, he noticed the conditions weren’t any better. Sweeney saw gray water coming from the faucets. “This morning when we first started poaching eggs, we boiled the water. A film came to the top of the water. We had to skim it off. So we noticed it right away. And once that initial boil happened, the water was fine after that,”

As a result, Sweeney went to a nearby grocery store and purchases gallons of water. He also followed the Health Department’s guidelines and boiled water at the restaurant before using it to cook.

Sweeney said ensuring his customers are safe is very important to him.

Many we spoke to were happy the owner went to such lengths to keep them safe. “I’m so happy that they are boiling the water before serving and using it.“ Abigail Cappuccilli of Niagara Falls said.

Another patron, Allina Lamorticella said, “I’m so grateful, because so many of the people weren’t really aware of what was going on. We’re grateful this restaurant went out of their way and took the extra precautions.”

Sweeney said he’ll continue to boil water and buy gallons of it until the boil water advisory is lifted.

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