Locals suffer clean water scarcity as drought hits Wonogiri

Dry season has begun to hit areas across Java.
About 15,000 residents of eight villages in the southern area of Wonogiri regency in Central Java have reportedly been suffering from severe drought for the last several weeks.
As a result, villagers have had to collectively pay between Rp 70,000 (US$5.3) and Rp 100,000 for a 6,000-liter tank of water.
“Rain has been extremely rare lately.
They need up to two tanks of water for a week,” Waluyo, 39, a resident of Johunut village in Paranggupito district said on Wednesday.
Wells, ponds and water springs, which were villagers’ source of water, are reportedly going dry.
We don’t have other options,” said 57-year-old Sunarni.
Paranggupito district official Dwi Hartono said almost half of the residents in the district began to order water tanks about a month ago.
Since there is no more rain, they buy tank water to fill up the tubs,” Dwi said.

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