Lockport Twp. residents concerned over another boil water advisory

by Logan Crawford, originally posted on September 28, 2016


ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – Contaminated water in Lockport Township, in St. Joseph County, is impacting nearly 2,000 people.

Officials issued a boil water order after finding coliform bacteria in the water, and it’s not the first time it’s happened.

 Right now, officials are testing the water and flushing out the system.

Officials say you can use the water to shower and do your laundry, but you can’t drink the water unless you boil it.

People we spoke with say they’re frustrated their township has another boil water order.

This water may look clean and drinkable, but Robert Bush says he can’t use it for basic needs, like brushing his teeth or having a glass of water.

“We got to buy bottled water again. And we use water everyday,” he said.

Officials say during a routine inspection, they discovered coliform in the northern section of Lockport Township. Coliform is bacteria found in human and animal waste.

The township issued a boil water order on Friday.

Kenneth Jones is with the engineering and utility company Jones Petrie Rafinski.

“Until we get clean samples, we have to err to the side of caution and keep the boil order active,” he said.

Jones says they’ve been flushing the water system Monday and Tuesday. He expects to get results of the water tests back Wednesday morning.

“If they turn out okay, the boil order will be immediately lifted. If not we’re going to chlorinate, flush again, and we’ll hopefully be able to get it lifted by no later than Thursday,” Jones said.

This is at least the third boil water order for Lockport Township in the last 2 months. Jones says because the water system serves a spread out area, the water doesn’t always circulate well.

“Starting to make me angry. We pay good money for the water, it seems like they could fix the problem,” Bush said.

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