Lokesh Show Outsmarted Jabardast!

Lokesh Show Outsmarted Jabardast!.
YSR Congress party MLA from Nagari and actress R K Roja does not want to give up any chance to attack Telugu Desam Party president and Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu and his son Nara Lokesh.
Particularly, she has started targeting Lokesh of late, making fun of his speeches and comments.
And on Thursday, Roja went a step ahead and described Lokesh as a stand-up comedian seen in reality shows like Jabardast, telecast by ETV.
Roja, who anchors the programme and witnesses several comedians doing skits to entertain the audiences, feels Lokesh is no way inferior to them.
“In fact, Lokesh show in public has outsmarted Jabardast programme on TV,” she commented, referring to the recent goof-ups of the TDP general secretary.
“When there were several seniors and experienced people in the TDP, Naidu has given cabinet berth to his son, who cannot speak proper Telugu and does not differentiate between Vardhanti and Jayanti (death and birth anniversaries),” she said.
Referring to the reports that Lokesh was contemplating filing cases against those who are making negative comments against him in social media, Roja said if at all cases have to be filed, they should be done against Lokesh.
“In his speech, Lokesh said he would bring water scarcity to the people (instead of mitigating water scarcity).
Immediately, his father-in-law Balakrishna implemented the promise in Hindupur, which is now struggling for drinking water,” she said.

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