Main break prompts boil water advisory in Montclair’s busy downtown

By Jessica Mazzola, originally posted on July 27, 2016

Montclair – A boil water advisory has been issued for the sections of downtown Montclair affected by a water main break Tuesday night.

Though flooding had ceased and a hole caused by the break repaired by Wednesday morning, township water officials issued the advisory for all residences and businesses in the Siena building, where the break occurred, and along Church and South Park Streets. Buildings in the area may be without water or have significantly less water pressure, the alert said.

Officials are urging residents in the area to, until further notice, either use bottled water or boil tap water used for drinking, cooking, brushing teeth, and other activities.

“A potential or actual threat to the quality of water being provided to you currently exists,” the alert reads.

“As a precaution, we are implementing a Boil Water Advisory until testing of the water supply is deemed satisfactory.”

The break and street collapse caused some of the area’s many businesses to close Tuesday evening, but business appeared to resume Wednesday morning.

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