Many Missed Royalton Boil Water Order

Many Missed Royalton Boil Water Order.
Cross-contamination was unlikely because the new sewer line was not yet active, but a boil notice was required anyway, they said.
South Royalton residents offered mixed reviews of town officials’ efforts to get the word out, with some business owners saying they wished they had been directly notified by the water district.
Officials at some of the town’s major institutions said they had received direct notice, however.
“They’ve let us know what’s going on,” Dean Stearns, principal of the South Royalton School, said in a phone message Wednesday.
“South Royalton School seems to be coping with the need very well,” Stearns said, noting that potable water jugs were set up by all school drinking fountains and that the school had received donations of drinking water from residents.
Over at Vermont Law School, spokeswoman Maryellen Apelquist said the Royalton Water Department had directly notified the school, which shared the order with all students, faculty and staff.
Royalton Selectboard members on Wednesday said they had heard of the boil water notice just before their scheduled meeting on Tuesday, but said supervision of the water district was not their purview.
But later that evening, he followed up by email, saying a water district official had called to notify him, she said.
“I have to make an assumption that they called all the users, but if there’s an issue I didn’t know about it,” Conrad said, adding that the Prudential Committee, not the Selectboard, oversees the water district.

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