Many Spotsy residents may need to boil water through weekend

Many Spotsy residents may need to boil water through weekend.
Spotsylvania County is advising many residents to boil their water before using it as a result of a water main break on U.S. 1 Friday morning.
Some homes may have lower-than-normal water pressure and discolored water until repairs are complete.
Residents can still take baths or showers, but should be careful not to swallow the water.
The county will collect water samples in coordination with the Virginia Department of Health.
Workers are also flushing discolored water from the lines, which will take about 12 hours to clear, a county spokeswoman said early Friday afternoon.
Deputy County Administrator Ed Petrovitch said rising temperatures could have caused the break, though he could not confirm that.
“Typically, this time of year is when we see thermal breaks because of the change in the ground temperature,” he said.
“Spring is the season.” The 12-inch, cast-iron pipe that broke was installed in the 1970s, Petrovitch said.
He said that section of the pipe will be replaced as the area south and east of Cosner’s Corner is developed.

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