Milledgeville water main break causes boil water advisory

by Kasandra Ortiz, originally posted on January 25, 2017


MILLEDGEVILLE, GA.– – Some people in Milledgeville spent Wednesday without water yet again after a water main break. Meanwhile, crews worked hard to get the break on Columbia Street fixed as soon as possible.

But the water issue caused neighbors from McIntosh Street to Greene Street under a boil water advisory. Some students who live down the street say they had no idea there was even a problem with their water.

“Yeah, I didn’t know until I came home and tried to make lunch and it wasn’t running at all and that was like super inconvenient. I found out hours later what was going on,” says Sami Montigny.

She says she thinks something should be done about the reoccurring water problem. Montigny says this is not the first time she has experienced this.

“I drove all the way home one time just to go to the bathroom because all the toilets in the dorms were unusable. I hope they replace the pipes, that may be a good first step, or at least pay more attention to it,” says Montigny.

Another student on Columbia Street, Jolee Battles, says the water issues are very inconvenient.

“We always have to go buy water because even if we don’t have it, a lot of times, if we do have it, it’s brown if they’re working on the pipes, but also the road was blocked off for a long time today, so we couldn’t drive through or anything like that,” explains Battles.

In just the last year, Milledgeville has experienced at least five water outages. Neighbors say it happens when you least expect it.

“We just kind of figured out when we turned on our sink that there’s no water, so OK, something must be wrong. So it’s just like no warning. You never know when it’s going to happen,” says Battles.

It is an overflowing problem they hope will soon clear up with a permanent solution. WMAZ also reached out to Mayor Gary Thrower for comment, but he was out of town Wednesday. City officials suggest residents boil their water for at least a minute until further notice.

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