Mumbai: In face of water cuts, expert tells households how to minimise usage

Though it was found out that most of them already use water judiciously, the water expert gave them advice on how to cut down usage further.
Water Expert Madhukar Kambale demonstrates to Manali Kamat how to wipe off excess oil from utensils to save water Ramachandra and Manali Kamat stay on the 3rd floor of Nirmal Building.
Water expert Madhukar Kambale told them they need only three litre water.
He suggested them to cut water supply from he flush by pushing the nob upwards in the middle.
Though they need three and a half buckets of water to wash clothes daily, Kambale told them about the secret of using washing powder judiciously.
Kambale giving instruction to Gouri Kalokhe on how to reduce usage of water in a washing machine There are five members in the Kalokhe family.
They have one vehicle and it takes about one bucket of water to wash it and they use tap water for plants.
They have promised to cut down usage on these as well.
They believe 10-litre water in the flush tank is a necessity and don’t want to cut down usage there.
The maid uses running tap water to wash utensils and water expert Madhukar Kambale believes this can be changed to bring down water wastage.

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