Nat Geo and Farhan team up, inspire ‘water footprint’ reduction

Nat Geo and Farhan team up, inspire ‘water footprint’ reduction.
MUMBAI: National Geographic is all set to lead the way in its endeavour to go further as a brand and inspire change.
National Geographic Mission Blue, is an initiative to address the cause of water scarcity.
It aims to spread awareness and empower people with knowledge on what they can do to help impact the lives of the millions who are deprived of this precious resource.
This includes special documentaries on the water issue; both global and local, as well as specially created short films by award winning directors Imtiaz Ali, Hansal Mehta, Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury and Madhur Bhandarkar who creatively bring out the key message through everyday stories of India.
Water Aid Foundation, a non-profit known for its exemplary contribution to the cause of water, has also partnered with National Geographic MISSION BLUE, where they will together help provide clean drinking water to schools.
Today, the water crisis around the world calls for much attention.
In India alone, 663 million people lack access to safe drinking water – a problem that is only going to get worse if no immediate action is taken.
It has the power to enlighten, inspire and empower people who are unaware of what they can do towards the cause of water scarcity and drive real change.
I hope people will realize that the responsibility of conserving water and of their own future is essentially in their own hands.”

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