Nestle Water Staff on strike in Karachi, Karachi faces Nestle Water scarcity

Nestle Water Staff on strike in Karachi, Karachi faces Nestle Water scarcity.
Karachi faces Nestle Water scarcity as Company’s staff observes strike KARACHI, Pakistan: In a bid to ensure their salaries soared, the Staff members of Mineral Water Company Nestle have been observing a strike in Karachi, making the water supply insufficient for the heat-stricken people.
Sources said that the strike by the Staff has turned into a Nestle Water scarcity in many areas of the City as a number of workers of Nestle has begun observing the strike, seeking an increase in their salaries.
The Staff of Nestle is of the view that though the Company’s earning continues to spike and it has also time-to-time increased the prices of Nestle bottles but yet it hasn’t increased the salaries of its Staff members for a while.
However, no official statement has yet been issued in this regard by the Company.
Amid insufficient supply of Nestle Water and the Staff’s threat to continue the strike till their demands are met, the Consumers have become indignant saying Nestle calls itself the world’s leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness Company; however, its unjust behaviors to its workers is highly deplorable.
The Consumers said that despite the fact that they ensure timely and full payment of Nestle Water charges but the Company even didn’t bother to tell them about the disturbance in Water supply.
Furthermore, the Consumers demanded an immediate supply of Nestle Water to them across Karachi as its demand has become even higher in the hot weather.
Source: Propakistani

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