New Woodlake subdivision OK’d, despite potential water woes

Supervisors approved a request for a housing development near Woodlake, affirming a previous decision by the planning commission and following a recommendation from Tulare County administrators.
Supervisors approved the Antelope Valley subdivision, which will comprise of 43 single-family residential lots over about 125 acres, west of Road 220 and north of Avenue 260, northeast of Woodlake.
“Something that will provide housing for the county of Tulare, something that will provide a nice venue for people to live.” The project isn’t without criticism.
Supervisors decided to approve the proposed housing project despite concerns about water scarcity and quality, road conditions, flooding in the area and increased traffic.
“The water situation will not get better.
It will get worse.” However, Boyd said there are 26 residential wells in the project’s area, providing enough water for residents.
Everett Welch, also a Woodlake area resident, said flooding will be an issue.
A portion of Avenue 360 near the proposed project flooded this spring.
“It flooded twice a year in the last five years,” he said.
Boyd said Redfield addressed those issues and brought it back to the table.

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