No difference in taste of toilet water and tap water, study finds

Researchers have found through a study that people didn’t find any different in taste of toilet water and tap water – meaning that they found both the water to be equally tasty.
The use of recycled toilet water is to be made if we want to get through dry months in the future.
Researchers have urged authorities to carry out marketing campaigns to make sewage water ‘less scary’.
Scientists say that people have to accept drinking water that comes directly from toilets amid fears of a global water shortage.
Recycled toilet water is safe to drink because it contains no harmful components, which are all flushed out before it enters the drinking supply.
The ‘blind’ taste test involved 143 volunteers and indirect potable reuse (IDR) water.
Furthermore, volunteers who were branded as nervous or anxious were found to like the taste of the IDR-treated and bottled water more.
However, participants defined as being more open to new experiences were found to find little difference in taste between the three samples.
Half of those people are in China and India.
The notion of drinking recycled wastewater has gained momentum in California recently amid years of drought.

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