Officials Lay Out Detailed Timeline Leading Up To Boil Water Advisory

Officials Lay Out Detailed Timeline Leading Up To Boil Water Advisory.
The interim director for the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority, Bob Weimar, says the order could be lifted by Thursday, or Friday at the latest.
It was also pointed out at a press conference Tuesday afternoon in the Mayor’s Office that no one has reported getting sick from the water.
Some members of City Council, including Councilwoman Darlene Harris who represents the North Side, wishes she had known something about the issue before Monday night.
According Weimar Monday night: “This past Friday, we identified there may be a problem at that reservoir.” That’s the Lanpher Reservoir in Shaler.
And at a press conference Tuesday afternoon, he got even more detailed, stating that a water test on Saturday showed no coliform bacteria.
While no water quality problem was found, based on the physical condition of the cover and the potential for bird dropping contamination, the Mayor’s Office was told Monday afternoon that a boil water advisory was coming.
“At 4:01, received an email from the DEP,” said Mayor’s Office Chief of Staff Kevin Acklin.
But then came a problem: Rather than the whole city boiling water, they had to show the state that the reservoir only affected a certain area.
“Spent about an hour and half clarifying one point of the order, that had to do with the impact area,” said Acklin.

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