OKC Water Update: Voluntary boil advisory issued for those affected by outage

by Jonathan Miller, originally posted on October 29, 2016


The City of Oklahoma City has issued a precautionary and voluntary boil advisory, at the recommendation of the Department of Environmental Quality, for those who had their water completely shut off when the water main broke.

Those whose water continued to flow at lower pressure are not included in the advisory.

Oklahoma City Water Department public information officer Debbie Ragan said the break occurred in a 72 inch main near SE 164th Street and Air Depot Blvd.

Water was diverted to a 48 inch line and residents affected by the break should be back to full water pressure.

Ragan reports some residents have seen their tap water discolored. If that is the case they are urged to let the water flow, and partake in the boil advisory if they wish.

There is no evidence that the quality of the water has been compromised.

“We have confidence our water is just as safe to drink as it has always been,” City Manager Jim Couch said. “But out of an abundance of caution, after consulting with DEQ, we think this voluntary advisory is appropriate while we continue to evaluate Saturday’s interruption.”

DEQ says the water should be boiled for a minute then cooled to room temperature. Anyone with skin wounds or other conditions may want to avoid bathing in the water.

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