Part of Mahoning Township under water boil advisory

— Residents who have received a notice must boil the water they use for consumption, according to notices taped to residents’ doors.
The notice states, "A water boil advisory will be in effect March 18 until further notice.
A section of this Montour County municipality is without water service due to a water main break on Locust Lane, near Wodenshire Lane.
The break could be repaired by this evening, but affected residents on the upper side of Bloom Road still will have to boil their water, township Supervisor Chairman Bill Lynn said.
At first there was difficulty turning off the water and the hole kept refilling from water shooting out of the pipe.
Workers used a sump pump to pull the water out.
Lloyd Craig, who heads the street department, said just before 2 p.m. workers had shut off several valves, but one of them may have been broken.
He said the break was discovered just after 1 a.m., but the street department had to check with PA One Call to check if other utility lines were under the road.
Neither Craig nor Lynn knew how many customers were without water.

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