Peace, governance takes big hit under PDP-BJP: Slathia

SRINAGAR: Former minister and National Conference Sr State Vice President Mr Surjeet Singh Slathia on Monday said that peace and governance has taken a big hit under the PDP-BJP Government in Jammu and Kashmir, an NC spokesman said.
Photo: NC “While the present insensitive dispensation has plunged the State into unprecedented crisis, the development has come to grinding halt and governance is at the lowest ebb”, Slathia said while addressing a huge workers rally at Nanpur Ramgarh in Vijaypur Assembly Constituency this afternoon.
The former minister said due to wrong policies of the coalition dispensation the normal life in entire state is in jeopardy, especially as the government has lost will to govern.
The lack of political direction has terribly impacted the administration that is seen wanting in every sector.
In this context, he referred to the administrative breakdown, developmental paralysis and poor condition of utility services which has led to acute drinking water scarcity and frequent load shedding in most parts of Jammu.
Similar is the scenario with respect to rations, provision of agriculture inputs to farmers and lack of basic minimum necessities to the people, Slathia said, adding that the people are disillusioned and disenchanted with the present government.
Slahtia decried diversionary tactics being adopted by both the coalition partners to cover up their failures.
“They are more talking politics and less attending to the woes of the people that has created a peculiar situation”, he said and referred to various contentious issues raked up by PDP and BJP to satiate their constituencies.
He said there are inherent contradictions between the two on important matters of governance.
He cautioned the government to take lessons from its failures in meeting the challenge during monsoon rains last year and make exigency plans so that the people do not suffer.

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