Penticton issues water advisory

More: Flood waters continue to rise As a public health precaution, the city issued a water quality advisory for residents in the east area of Penticton that require additional precautions to boil their drinking water for at least one minute before drinking.
Peter Weeber, Penticton’s chief administrative officer, said the advisory is a precautionary measure.
The pipe runs below Ellis Creek in the area of the break, which occurred around 7 a.m. this morning.
The boundaries of the area affected include: – All of the Naramata Road area – All of the Valleyview Road area – The area East (uphill) of Government Street and West (below) Columbia Street and Evergreen Drive.
More detail is available at
Crews are working to rectify the situation.
Further sampling and testing is currently being conducted in the system.
What is a water quality advisory?
A water quality advisory is used in situations where the general public health threat is modest.
Alternatively, residents may use bottled water.

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