Point Blue Water System shutting off water; customers under boil advisory when service restored

originally posted on June 28, 2016


The following is a news release from the Point Blue Water System: 

Attention Point Blue Water System Customers: All customers starting at the company’s office going North, water will be shut off within the next hour due to a break on a 6-inch main line.

Once water is restored you will be under a boil advisory until further notice.

If you have any further questions contact our office at 337-363-5885. Thank You.


Streets Included:

Angus Rd.                                           Shady Grove Lane

Attales Rd.                                          Shuff Rd.

Belle St.                                                Stoney Lane

Berdine St.                                          Sue St.

Blonde Lane                                       Wade St.

Chataignier Rd.                                 Whispering Pine

Dairy Lane                                           Wyble Rd.

Dew St.

Douget Rd.

Duffy Lane

Elbea St.                                               And ALL of Kennedy/Eugene Subdivision.

Jade Lane

Jean Pierre Rd.

Miller St.

Norward St.

Peggy St.

Rider Rd.

Rue Des Cajuns

Rue Maury

Rue Richaume

Sandy St.

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