Portland businesses benefiting from Corpus Christi water boil advisory

by Caroline Flores, originally posted on May 22, 2016



People here are having to find ways around the water boil advisory. Businesses in Portland are benefiting. Many people from Corpus Christi are taking a drive over the Harbor Bridge for some worry-free meals and drinks.

Walking into Starbucks hearing the cashier say, “Welcome to Starbucks what can I get you?” was music to Corpus Christi ears. Folks traveled all the way to Portland for a certain kind of craving.

“Starbucks coffee. I mean the water boil has everyone just like freaking out so we were like we need Starbucks! We have to go,” said Anjoane Woodson, who drove from Corpus Christi to Portland just for some Starbucks.

Ever since the water boil advisory was announced Starbucks staff says sales have gone through the roof. They even have had to bring in help from the Corpus Christi locations to keep up with the demand.

“We’re getting calls like every minute, hey are y’all open are y’all open? Cus Corpus isn’t. So there’s been a lot of people driving,” said Loren Wicke, Starbucks shift supervisor.

Coffee shops aren’t the only businesses benefiting from the water boil. Mike Cotten’s BBQ says their business has doubled since Corpus Christi announced the water boil advisory.

“I knew we would get some traffic, I didn’t think it would have been that busy like it was last night. I mean we were on a wait for well over an hour and yeah we had a line out the door,” said Mike Cotten, owner of Mike Cotten’s BBQ.

As expected, most everyone is excited to get the fountain drinks, tea, and water they can’t get at in Corpus Christi.

“Just drive across the bridge. It’s a few minutes but you don’t have to worry about the water contamination or anything,” said Ernest Hiracheta, who drove from Corpus Christi to Portland for lunch.

Like Starbucks, Mike Cotten’s BBQ has had to bring on extra help to keep up with their constant flow of people.

“We’re definitely seeing the increase, and we’re liking it,” said Cotten.

The hope is they will make loyal customers of the Corpus Christi visitors so they will visit even after the water boil is lifted.

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