Precautionary boil water advisory issued for Athalmer Road area

By Nikki Fredrikson, originally posted on August 12, 2016


A boil water advisory has been issued for the Kinbasket Sewer & Water Company Ltd service area, including Black Forest Heights, Canadian Tire and the commercial businesses along Athalmer Road. The advisory was issued on Friday, August 5th and will remain in effect until further notice.

“Due to a mechanical issue with the chlorinator, the First Nations Health Authority Environmental Health Officer recommended Shuswap First Nation Chief and Council place a precautionary boil water advisory on the system until the issue is resolved. The Band’s water operation and maintenance team have ordered a new piece of equipment to replace the malfunctioning chlorinator. Ongoing sampling through the weekend did not show any health risk and it is expected the boil water advisory will be resolved sometime next week,” the First Nations Health Authority told The Pioneer in an email.

The First Nations Health Authority and the Shuswap Band with support from Corix Utilities made the decision to implement the advisory with door-to-door notifications.

Until the advisory is lifted, residents in the affected service area should avoid swallowing water unless it has been boiled for a minute. Other precautionary measures include sponge bathing infants, adding bleach to dish water when washing dishes by hand and boiling water when using for cooking, making ice cubes and washing produce. This advisory will be in place until the chlorinator is fixed.

The Shuswap Band expects the advisory to be lifted by this weekend August 13th.

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