Public Water Supply District 2 issues boil water order

District 6 covers House Springs, Hoene Springs and part of Byrnes Mill, but only those who live in the Hoene Springs area are under the boil advisory.
District 2 As of 3 p.m. today (May 1), floodwaters had not breached Public Water District 2’s water treatment plant on Twin River Road in Eureka, but a precautionary mandatory water boil order was issued.
If floodwaters continue to rise, plant manager Steve Ratliff said, the district may shift its water supply to a new well, which the Department of Natural Resources just approved today.
During the flood in late December 2015, the water plant was flooded and water had to be brought in for district residents to use.
Residents also were issued a boil water order at that time.
If the new well is put into production, the district will at least have a continual supply of water, even though a boil water order will still be in effect, Ratliff said.
“These are not the flood levels we saw last year, but backup from the Meramec could be a problem,” Ratliff said.
Designs have been prepared for the berm but have not yet been approved by FEMA, District Manager, Bob Snelson said.
District 6 Public Water Supply District 6 on Monday afternoon issued a boil water advisory for customers in the Hoene Springs area.
During a boil order, customers are advised to boil water vigorously for three minutes prior to use.

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