Publisher’s Ink: We have a water problem? Tarzan may be out of luck

Johnny Weissmuller’s swimming pool in southern California remains empty 34 years after his death.
The actor and former Olympic gold medalist portrayed Tarzan in a string of movies back the 1930s and 40s.
Today his legendary house located at 414 St. Pierre Road in Bel Air is owned by the family of mid-20th century sculptor Joseph Nicolosi.
It sits eerily vacant and in disrepair, a chain link fence keeping onlookers out.
It features an arched bridge, a stone tunnel with Gothic windows and has a waterfall at one end.
Would passage of the water conservation bill (AB 1668) allow such an ostentatious swimming pool to be restored and refilled?
If water scarcity is of dire concern and we‘re being asked to ration (conserve) water, then why are legislators pushing for an additional million homes to be built to address a statewide housing shortage?
Shouldn’t they be banned, closed and left empty?
Why does the state continue watering the lawn at the state capital?
This isn’t about water conservation at all – it’s about control.

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