PWSA lifts boil-water advisory for all areas except Millvale

PWSA lifts boil-water advisory for all areas except Millvale.
People living in that community have already had enough.
“It’s kind of a bummer,” said Bryan Tramontina.
“Obviously it’s not great to have to boil your water.” The Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority lifted the boil-water advisory issued Monday after a tear in the cover was discovered at the Lanpher Water reservoir.
A spokesperson tells us PWSA has to continue taking chlorine residual readings and bacteria samples daily at the sites until further notice.
They also have to monitor chlorine residuals from the Aspinwall Treatment Plant until further notice.
As for why the Millvale portion of the system is still shut down, the DEP says PWSA has to submit sufficient data in writing to the DEP about the water quality.
“I think it needs to be under better management,” Tramontina said.
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