Querim grapples with water scarcity

Although villagers are dependent on agriculture, 70 percent of the villagers in Querim do not have tap water and are fully dependant on tanker water which is supplied once every week.
Apart from water scarcity the village also faces poor road connectivity, increase in settlement of migrants and unavailability of mobile network.
The issue of water scarcity was taken up in every gram sabha of the Querim Village Panchayat and it was decided to supply water for the villagers through tankers.
Out of the seven wards only around 400 villagers in Karmale, Arla and some residents of Vangal area have tap water facility while the rest of the villagers get their water from tankers.
People wait to fetch water with pots, and sometimes, they are dismayed because after a long wait, they have to carry empty water pots back home because the PWD water tanker does not turn up.
Another problem the villagers face is poor road connectivity as most of the houses are situated in the centre of a hilly arecanut plantation.
No efforts have been made by the panchayat to improve the road connectivity in the village.
Out of the 1200 houses in the panchayat almost 75 percent residents do not have proper road access.
According to villagers around 70 residents get proper mobile network while rest of the residents do not have access to mobile connectivity.
According to Querim Village Panchayat sarpanch Suhas Gaude, the panchayat was constantly in touch with the PWD to resolve the water supply issue in the village.

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