Report: Pakistan could face mass droughts by 2025

Report: Pakistan could face mass droughts by 2025.
(Web Desk) – Pakistani experts have warned that the country could face drought in the near future.
Experts have further warned that the country will approach “absolute scarcity” level of water by 2025.
According to the Independent, a report by The Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) states that Pakistan touched the “water stress line” in 1990 before crossing the “water scarcity” in 2005.
An unnamed government official said that an urgent research is needed to find the solution – but warned that the country’s government lacks sufficient funds.
Pakistan ranks fourth in the world for its highest rate of water usage, but is dependent on water from a single source – the Indus River basin located in India – and since the rainfall has been slowly declining, amid claims from the experts that this is due to climate change.
Pakistan’s largest city Karachi, home to million people, where very few of the city’s residents have access to running water since most of the land’s water has dried up, has forced many residents to queue for hours for water.
Goats walk over a barren land near the Afghan border in Baluchistan province, Pakistan.
Some say the issue has worsened due to climate change and poor water management.
The authorities need to act now.

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