Rising temperature dries up wells, water projects across Odisha

Rising temperature dries up wells, water projects across Odisha.
Kutra block with 16 gram panchayats (GPs) has a population of 80,000 and almost all the villages and hamlets are facing scarcity of drinking water.
Villagers are mostly dependent on tube wells, open wells and natural water streams.
A piped water supply project of Rural Water Supply & Sanitation (RWSS) at Panchara was rendered defunct after trial run in 2014 and a similar project at Biringatoli is also not functioning for the last couple of years.
Eight concrete reservoirs for round the clock water supply at Kutra block headquarters are also defunct for long.
At many dry pockets of the block, the situation is turning grim with tube wells not yielding enough water.
Locals said the administration should consider supplying water from three large pits of open cast dolomite and limestone mines at Katang to nearby areas.
Villagers of Baunspada, Andiapara, Bhogra and Jhirpani of Kiringsara GP, Kadopada, Birtola and Upartola village of Purkhapali GP, Jharangdipa, Jamupada, Baunspada, Malupada and Girjapada villages of Kutra GP, Toppopada, Majhipada of Kandeimunda GP, Khuntmunda village of Gangajal GP and many areas of Kandumunda and Rajabasa GPs are facing water scarcity.
Several piped water projects of RWSS are defunct.
Kutra BDO Jagannath Hanuman said the block has about 1,000 tube wells and the block has adequate funds to take up digging up of tube wells if required.

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