RWH systems are a must this rainy season

RWH systems are a must this rainy season.
Rejoice and despair folks, the first monsoon showers of 2017 have arrived.
It made Tamil Nadu the first State to make RWH compulsory.
RWH systems can be complicated but Chennai Corporation only mandates a continuous trench, 1M wide and 1.5M deep, filled with pebbles along site boundaries.
Rainwater falling within a site reaches the peripheral trenches, where it is inexpensively filtered and discharged into the ground.
This minimises run off onto roads or waste into sewers.
Sometimes a trench is connected to a well or borewell within the plot.
This rainy season, do not waste the water that falls on your property.
Whether it is from the rooftop or on the ground; please collect, channel and ensure rainwater reuse.
Water running off onto streets is a wasted bounty — and swinging annually between scarcity and deluge must be managed well.

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