Sixth major leakage in 20 days throws water supply out of gear

Aurangabad: The city’s water supply system appears to have become quite unpredictable as the main pipeline has once again developed a leakage — sixth in the last 20 days — near the railway station on Monday.
Aurangabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) sectional engineer Kiran Dhande said "We had to empty the entire supply line to wield the broken part which consumed significant time.
The long gap in water-lifting will definitely cause severe water scarcity."
He said that similar leakages may appear anywhere between Jayakawadi and the city as the supply lines on entire stretch have become fragile.
Another officer in the municipal body, requesting anonymity, said, there would be frequent disruption in water supply in coming days.
"Ideally the municipal body should discard the pipes as it has become quite expensive to maintain it.
There is only one option to prevent it and that is laying new pipeline," the officer added.
Meanwhile, the 30-hour shutdown threw water supply in the city out of gear on Tuesday with taps in many localities running dry for six days in a row.
Most of the residents in the city are receiving tap water once in three days and those who missed their turn on Monday and Tuesday are the worst affected.
It is difficult to survive without tap water especially during summer," Prakash Deshmukh, a resident of Garkheda.

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